Dear Eye Challengers,

Be ready to take a photo of the first “sunrise” of 2012. This event is a collaboration with the “Say Hello To The Sun Event”. For more information pelase see the event details here.

Some of the registration money that you used to join “Say Hello To The Sun Event” will be donated to the “Seribu for Indonesia” cause.

Beginning the new year with a new sunrise while helping people out.

How cool is that?

Can’t wait for your photos!



Please use any camera (SLR, DSLR, pocket, handphone) to take the sunrise till 09.00 AM then post your photo. Don’t forget to mention us on facebook (30 Days of Life Images) and/or twitter (@30days_images).


Dear Eye Challengers,

January is coming to town. This will be the theme of the month:

Day 1. Sunrise
Day 2. Your resolution of this year
Day 3. Face in the morning
Day 4. Your Bathroom
Day 5. People on the street
Day 6. On your way home
Day 7. People next to you
Day 8. Child/children
Day 9. Teacher
Day 10. Special Person
Day 11. Stray animal
Day 12. Communication
Day 13. Love (what do you think of love? Express or tell it in your photo)
Day 14. Hate
Day 15. Hope
Day 16. Sadness
Day 17. Beauty (define beauty in your photo)
Day 18. What make you smile
Day 19. Something that makes you LOL (a.k.a laugh over loud)
Day 20. Place where you are right now
Day 21. Your bedroom
Day 22. Your activities today
Day 23. Sports
Day 24. Favorite snacks
Day 25. Books you love
Day 26. Favorite thing
Day 27. Things you really hate but you still keep it
Day 28. Something fabulous/dandy
Day 29. Face before go to bed
Day 30. Your passion
Day 31. Sunset

For more information, please kindly read the “about” page.



Welcome to 30 Days of Life Images!

We strongly believe that everybody has story to share.

Some people sing

Some people write

and some people….

take images!

Be prepared for an exciting month on January 2012 😀